our story:

Crafting Delicious Cocoa Ball Creations with a Legacy of Flavor

It all started with my grandfather, Dernier Richard. He was fortunate enough to acquire a large amount of land that was full of cacao trees. He worked hard every day to harvest and sell the cacao beans directly to consumers, quickly becoming one of the most successful merchants in town.

News spread fast and more people wanted in. Soon enough other farmers started planting their own cacao trees and selling them as well, leading to an oversaturation of the market that caused prices for cacao beans to plummet. That's when we started using our cacao beans to make cocoa balls!






I moved to the United States where I have access to better tools, I used a machine that extracted all fat content from raw cacao beans while also reducing its cholesterol content drastically compared to other similar products available in the market. A unique process that produced rich and delicious cocoa balls that you simply cannot resist.

I started out selling them amongst friends before eventually coming back for more each time. Not until December 2022, I realized I should open up a business where I could sell my unique cocoa ball creations far beyond my circle of acquaintances. The cacao beans came directly from Haiti while processing them here in the United States before packaging them off as delicious cocoa ball kits. Nowadays people can enjoy a fresh cup of hot chocolate with my special organic cocoa balls in less than 5 minutes!

Though my grandfather is no longer with us, I know that he is looking down from heaven and smiling at the success of his legacy.

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